UFO BLOGS: Beyond the Stars by Glenn A. Segal

Are we the improbable inhabitants of a distant planet, discussed at length by astronomers, does the general population of another galaxy, far from our corner of the universe covet our world?

Do other civilizations (used loosely here) strive to establish contact with sentient beings like we do?

These are questions that define the human predicament, though few recognize the significance. It must be a common trait of all forms of intelligence to stare out at the nighttime sky and ponder the distant specs of blinking light. Some will understand what they are looking at. Most will speculate at first totally in the wrong direction. The constant tug of what’s beyond our view is undeniable as gravity. We know it is real yet unseen. Points of brightness in the dark heavens are proof of other places.

Armadas might be on their way, stalwart blessed with great timing to deliver a cosmic joke. True relativity means from all sides at once and all views are true. So we give thanks to circumstance that allows us to wonder about such things at leisure. When will they arrive? And are we worth this fair planet? Does our varied species warrant this place of splendor?

If we possess wild imaginations think of what they experience in a society of faster than light parameters. They just might be living in the present always. Dig the implications!


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