UFO Blogs: Close Encounters by Glenn A. Segal


The heading ‘Close Encounters’ written by Gary Strassberg. In the article he uses quite a bit of my quotes including…

“I’ve always been angry with people who think this is it… that there’s nothing else out there in the entire universe   I believe that people really have to be conceited to think we are the only ones out there.

In December the previous year I formed a company called UFO—INFO and activated THE UFO INFORMATION LINE. I set up a 900#, where callers chose between two messages which averaged 4 minutes. One documented older classic UFO encounters, while the other dealt with recent happenings. In the 1980’s timeframe.

I retrieved these accounts from respected publications, such as The International UFO Reporter, The Journal of UFO Studies, The National Investigation Committee of UFO’S and even The Cambridge UFO Research Group from Ontario, Canada. At the end of each report, I give the source, so if readers want to dig deeper they can receive these periodicals directly.

In my messages I also speculated about the US Government’s role in these sightings and how these events tied into Cold War antics by both us and the USSR. At that time I believed there was a conspiracy perpetrated by our Air Force, the CIA and various other spooks within our government.

I believed we had captured pilots from other star systems, undergoing torture inside ‘AREA 51’ When they opened the files after the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ was passed a flood of new information poured from numerous Committee’s, Journals and Newsletters. I heard or read about how Eisenhower initiated MAJESTIC, a detailed agenda to cooperate with an advanced species of Reptiles that would allow us to reverse engineer their technology.

From the numerous articles I read at the time and the people I discussed these matters with, I constructed a probable hypothesis. Our government and others around the world perpetuate a grand conspiracy to obscure the truth regarding alien involvement on our planet.

The evidence seemed irrefutable, from my vantage point at that time. Our government was keeping vital knowledge from us. They were engaged in treason of the highest order. We had been invaded, or alien’s were captured, held prisoner, interrogated to gain their advanced concepts of energy and weapons. Can you imagine that? They didn’t feel we had the right to know.

I vowed to expose them. Catch them with their pants draped around their ankles. Then shove my evidence where the sun doesn’t rise. Pictures at eleven. These issues got me stoked in the early nineties. Prove to the world, belief in UFO’S are based on rational data.

Then the freedom of information act released thousands upon thousands of pages, previously considered a matter of national security. What this flood of paper resulted in, was the first real blast of misinformation; designed to cover up, what really went down  in the forties, fifties and reaching the present era.   

I published the findings of so called experts when they told us what certain documents pertained to. After trying to decipher a stream of (what turned out to be rubbish) I concentrated on other avenues of interest, and steered away from the wild conjecture. It would be many years before I speculated about UFO’S.     


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