UFO Blogs: Odysseus by Glenn A. Segal

In this final instalment, I will attempt to communicate my thoughts about Earthly participation in these UFO’S occurrences.

You’ll glean, I hope, useful links in your search for the truth in the content of this article. My views on extra-terrestrial visitors have varied as my horizon’s expanded.

At ten, I swore that reptilian creatures from a distant sun were buzzing our country; like barnstormers did a half century earlier. Only, these crafts drifted in silent contemplation. These uninvited visitors meant slavery and extinction for our immature species.

In 1994 my service UFO-INFO distributed messages via a 900#. I wrote and produced three minute spots. An incident from the early days of UFO activity, in the forties through sixties and more recent activities, documented in an audio format.

I received newsletters from around the world; with well written accounts of unearthly conveyances hovering nearby. Some witnesses’ were of impeccable character. I learned then, that a global premise of alien involvement was ingrained through the ages in many cultures. The Sumerians, Babylonians and Greek cultures all contained fables where half human half-alien creatures emerged from circles of light that descended from the sky.

The evidence appeared conclusive even though the freedom of information act, released thousands of pages to the contrary. Were these so called flying saucers from outer space, or the Soviet Union? Had the famous UFO incidents been downed craft from Russia? Good question.

Well now I am inclined to say a little of both. Do I believe we are currently visited from voyagers from across the galaxy? Probably. Do I also believe the majority of UFO sightings were either of earthly construct or other explainable origination? Yes again.

To be concise, of course I subscribe to the notion that we are not alone in this huge crib, we call the universe. Time is relative, who knows how far back it reaches. All you really need, is time to mature past the speed of light and you’re on your way. Exploring the stars for adventure, slaves and precious minerals.  

So I conclude, much of the UFO hype was about two super-powers, using the latest technology to gain an edge in the nuclear armaments race. But, I firmly believe we are not alone, even in this fair cluster of stars we call the Milky Way Galaxy.     

Written by Glenn A. Segal


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